July 7, 2022

From the 13 Kindergartens operating in the Girne area, Girne Municipality Police Teams inspected 5 Kindergartens that were legally open with the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Girne Municipality, is increasing its inspections day by day against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has also affected the world as well as our country, and inspected 5 daycare centers in the city in order to protect public health.

Within the framework of the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers within the scope of the COVID-19 Pandemic measures, it was stated that 5 kindergartens are legally open from a total of 13 kindergartens located in the region, and it is prohibited to leave children other than those 0-3 years old. In this respect nurseries were inspected by Girne Municipality Police Teams.

Emphasising that following the inspections, they examined whether the daycare centers operate in healthy conditions and within the framework of the determined rules, Güngördü underlined that attention should be paid to cleaning, masks, social distance and hand hygiene.


In the statement made by Girne Municipality it was noted – within the scope of the inspections, Police Teams checked whether the day nurseries for our children are suitable for the specified conditions, and stated that the inspections for the health of the public will continue.

Stating that the Covid-19 pandemic process has increased in our country, and everyone should be more careful, Güngördü asked the entire public to take precautionary measures.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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