September 30, 2023

Readers Mail ….
From Sue Tilt (Tulips) ….

Thank you to Hoots Bistro & Restaurant in Ilgaz for hosting a music quiz on 10th September and donating 20TL from every meal to Tulips, and to everyone who attended and parted with their money in support of Tulips.

A huge thank you has to go to Jonathan Hall-Smith who must have spent hours putting together a great music quiz with a bottle of wine going to the most innovative team name to do with music; the winning team name was the QuaranTina Turners!

The successful team very kindly donated their winnings of 220TL to Tulips and Tony Gillan bid 350TL for a returned meal voucher.

Total sum raised last night was an amazing 2,360TL!

Thank you all so very much for your support in these difficult times and to our sponsors who provided us with raffle prizes.

See photos below :


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