3 years sober and reborn anniversary on 9th September 2020

By Ismet Medi …

3 years SOBER today (9th September 2020). To me I was born 3 years ago today, Happy Birthday to me, old head on young shoulders. I chose sober because I wanted a better life, I stay sober because I got one. By staying sober I have chosen to give back and help others. I live one day at a time and follow my recovery by doing my AA 12 Step Recovery, my sponsor is always there for me.

This last 18 months have been amazing for me both personally and for Medi Foundation. My last 6 months apart from working very very hard and giving back, I have been working on myself with very big help from Viola Edward and Layla Edward having my one on one sessions with the breath working, and my AA sponsor Graham Freeman. I have also been on many Zoom meetings with people all around the world invited by Viola and Layla. Every day I am getting better. Recovery is something that never stops so every day I am in recovery and following my steps.

I am very grateful and very thankful, to all the people, friends, family, FB friends I have never met, sending me some very nice, kind words, uplifting and some very touching message on my phone, FB, emails and messenger I feel very blessed.

Thank you all so much.   Have a great day xx