June 27, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay said: “It is a disappointment for the stability and peace in the region that the US announced its decision to actually lift the arms embargo on the Greek Cypriot side on September 1, World Peace Day”.

Criticising the US decision, Özersay said, "Everyone should think very well what it means to lift the arms embargo, which was put into effect on the grounds of not interrupting the efforts to solve the Cyprus problem. The continuous patting of the Greek Cypriot political leadership in this way, unfortunately, will help the Greek Cypriot side to be more insistent in its one-sided attitude towards usurping our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean Region."

Özersay continued his statement as follows:

“The Greek Cypriot leadership, which does not want to share the state, administration and wealth with the Turkish Cypriot side even under the current conditions, will be in an even more rigid attitude on this issue from now on. The Turkish Cypriot side has witnessed many wrong decisions in this geography that is unfair, supporting only one of the parties to the dispute. This last decision of the USA on the arms embargo will be only one of them, but it will make Turkish Cypriots determined to fight for their rights and interests in the region.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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