The UK to move into Category “B”

The Ministry of Health announced that the UK will be moved from Category “C” to Category “B”.

The decision of the Ministry is as follows:

“As of 13 August (including 13 August), those who will come to the TRNC from the UK will be able to enter the TRNC on the condition that they present a PCR test result made between three and five days before the boarding date and the result must be negative. However, these people must remain in home quarantine for 7 days. During the quarantine, no visitors will be allowed in the house. People who are detected violating the home quarantine rules, as a result of the inspections which will be carried out by the Ministry of Health, will be taken into hotel quarantine.”

Within the scope of the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health regarding the entry and exit for the TRNC within the scope of COVID-19 measures, the UK was in the “C” category. Those who came from the UK were subjected to double PCR testing and 14-day quarantine in government specified centres.

Source; TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. Just contacted the Ministry in London today regarding pcr test requirements. Was told that a hard copy of the results is required, not a computerised copy, which would mean results being posted or having to be collected in person. If the testing time is between 3-5 days prior to a flight, processing time up to 48 hours, then to be reliant on the postal service or having to make a further personal visit to London, the time frame is extremely short. Is anybody else in a similar situation?

  2. Still don’t know where to get these tests done in England as you can’t have a paper certificate on the NHS.This is very confusing.

    • Hello Judy

      As with the comment from Daryl Thorp we have shared this with the British Residents Society and hopefully, we may say some positive news being shared that may help you.

  3. Hi, I thought I’d asked this question, but can’t see it anywhere. Does anyone know if it’s only the U.K. that’s been moved to Category B, or have other countries such as Sweden? Many thanks.

    • Not that we are aware David but with more infections showing up no doubt there will be more changes to the WHO listings