September 26, 2022

Mayor Güngördü met with the instructors of Girne Municipality Culture and Art courses, which are due to start in September.

According to the information given by the Girne Municipality, the trainers and municipality officials who will give training in the Culture and Arts Workshop Courses organised by the Municipality of Girne came together at a meeting.  During the meeting, where opinions were exchanged for the courses that will begin in September, the measures to be taken against the COVID -19 outbreak were discussed. It was noted that the Culture and Art courses will be held with a new understanding in accordance with the rules of space, hygiene, and social distance.

Making a statement during the meeting, Güngördü stated that he believes that this people-oriented approach and lifestyle will develop the culture of social enlightenment and that people in society want art to be a way of life. Güngördü expressed that they want to bring children, youth and adults together with cultural and artistic activities within the bounds of possibility.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality                         

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