October 4, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

The students of the Özay Günsel Children’s University are continuing learning and discovering in the fifth week of their Summer Semester.

According to the information provided by the University, the students divided into three groups and carried out various activities in different departments of the Near East University. These groups have been named “World Group” for age 5-8 years,  “Sun Group” for age 9-11 years, and  “Galaxy Group”  for age 12-15 years.

Özay Günsel Children’s University completed the fifth week of the Summer Semester, where children have developed both physical and social skills, experienced the professions and gained the freedom to choose to do what they want. They performed experiments, carried out observations and made discoveries in subjects through which they also learned the social rules.

The “World group”, learned about the life circle of butterflies in the Faculty of Veterinary, body formation in the Faculty of Health Science, and about the architecture of Pyramids in the Faculty of Architecture .

The students of “Sun Group”, learned making artificial teeth in the Faculty of Dentistry. They also carried out scientific activities in the Faculty of Engineering. They also learned how to deal with  “home accidents” in the Faculty of Nursing.

The “Galaxy group”, learned 3D Printing and made their own designs in the Faculty of Engineering.  They designed clothing from recycling materials. In the Physiotherapy Department they learned about the physiotherapy profession. The “Galaxy Group” also learned the alphabet of Telegraph and Morse within the scope of the Faculty of Communication activities, and gathered information within the scope of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship stories within the scope of NERITA activities.

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