September 30, 2023

by Dominique Prud`homme
“A Jazz Night Under The Stars : Pulse Beat Combo at the Soulist”

My father once said to me: “When you close your eyes, what happens in your mind? “I hear Music, Dad”. Let’s stay humble.  Yesterday was not “The Village Vanguard” in NYC, or “Le Duc des Lombards” in Paris, or “Ronnie Scott” in London. We are at “The Soulist” in North Cyprus, and the band is playing.

Çığır Kazımoğlu

I was told the trumpet had a kind of Chet Baker’s sound, but that was not my opinion, I was hearing Freddie Hubbard or Clifford Brown instead, on “Stella by Starlight” or “Yesterdays”. Vladimir Kowalski on the trumpet. As for the Drummer (Arda Baykurt), for a long time, I always said “He’s really a Jazz Drummer”. He proved me right last night, with his accomplice on bass Çığır Kazımoğlu Then I closed my eyes again and concentrated on the Keyboards (Ersen Sururi). I heard Miles Davis saying with his raucous voice “who’s that motherf****r?” I want him on my next record (He was talking about Herbie Hancock, who went on stage in the second set with a splendid rendition of “Cantaloupe Island”). The real surprise for me was when we had a trombonist joining the band (Can Öztürk). At that moment it was like J.J. Johnson playing with Dizzy Gillespie. Pure Beauty and Perfect Harmony.

Arda Baykurt and Vladimir Kowalski


My wife said to me “Will those people shut their mouth and listen to music?”. “Well, you know, in London, Paris or New York, you hear the forks and the knives in the Live Records, That’s what a Jazz Club is, My Love”. Only in Japan, they keep quiet. All in all, that night will stay as a cherished memory for me, thanks to my dear friend Roland Eyerich.

Band Members: Trumpet: Vladimir Kowalski Piano: Ersen Sururi Bass: Çığır Kazımoğlu Drums: Arda Baykurt

Vladimir Kowalski,  Çığır Kazımoğlu,  Ersen Sururi


Resumé: An unforgettable Jazz Night at the Soulist Coffee and Music House with high Quality of JAZZ.  The next Wednesdays:

12th of August – Hot Club of Cyprus
19th of August – Lady M Jazz Quartet
26th of August – Kadir Evre Jazz Quintet

Go to the “Soulist” Website:

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