September 22, 2023

Activities of United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus continue thanks to bona fide approach of TRNC.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry made a statement regarding the extension of the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus for a period of six months with the decision of the UN Security Council.

It was stated “We support the statement made by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Deputy Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the resolution. It is also against the UN’s own rules and principles that the Turkish Cypriot side’s consent was not again sought regarding the presence of UNFICYP on the Island. As a matter of fact, the UNFICYP should finalise a legal arrangement with the Turkish Cypriot authorities concerning its presence on the Island. We would like to remind once again that the UNFICYP activities on the Island continue despite this shortcoming thanks to the bona fide approach of TRNC authorities”.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

3 thoughts on “United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus continues

  1. UN Peace Force should leave the island. They have no purpose to serve in Cyprus anymore Peace has existed for 46 years not because of UN presence! They are the cause why the Cyprob still exists today. Turkey should reinforce its guarantor powers and close the border. If TRNC is not recognised by the free world and the UN, Turkey should make it a federal part of Turkey with the status similar to that Hong Kong had before China trampled over of its sovereignty this year. As part of Turkey, airports and sea ports would be opened up for tourism, direct flights and international trade with the world.

  2. I am sorry Bibhas that you imagine that Turkey, and especially Erdogan’s Turkey, has that much respect for you as people and as a People. You may find that when it suits him he will say what he has said before, that you are no better than parasites or servant slaves since you cannot sustain yourselves.

    …if there is someone to betray, it will not be the Cypriots, if they can demonstrate their unity in the coming elections; it will be but those who call themselves “Cypriot Turks”. With what “Turkishness” has done to Cyprus decades, and what it is doing to Turkey now, we may see Erdogan recognise the existence of Cypriots, as Cypriots, giving hope to those in his own country who to “Turks” at present, are “others”.

    Do not despair, Cyprus is neither “Greek” or “Turkish” yet. Turkish Cypriots have at this moment a great deal of power with their vote for a President; unless truly you wish to be under Erdogan’s subjugation as an illegal regime, because only as Cypriots do you have a voice in Turkey’s (and your own) affairs.

  3. Unfortunately TRNC is financially supported by Turkey and without such support it could not continue to exist. Current situation when the South has closed the border and stopped tourists from entering TRNC is not sustainable. TRNC needs tourist income from those entering via the South as well. A united Cyprus would be the ideal solution but the distorted view of the conflict that the South has painted and taught its children over many years has to be corrected to reflect the true reasons and a change in the moral attitude of its so called christian preachers has to take place through learning of spiritual values. TRNC is Mersin 10, so unless it is recognised by countries other than Turkey, a possible way would be to officially make TRNC a federal constituent part of Turkey and create a prosperous country. This approach has the benefit of maintaining Turkish Cypriots’ independence in running TRNC and eventually its recognition as a truly independent country.

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