August 15, 2022

By Margaret Sheard ….

Having not dealt with an air conditioning unit which ‘died’ some 18 months ago, and a unit in another room now deciding also to stop working, we thought it was time to sort out cooling our rooms while we are having this extremely hot weather.

We contacted Ibrahim Akbalikci (Ibo) of Happy AirCon and he paid a visit to ascertain what was required.  He emphasised that he has spare parts and preferred to try and repair units, to avoid a huge amount of lira for a replacement, so we were very impressed by this way of working.

Having looked at all the air conditioner units, Ibo suggested what was required and the amount we would be looking at for cleaning the units and possible replacement of one.  He said he would come again in a couple of days to start work.   This he duly did and he repaired the ‘dead’ bedroom unit, which is quite old, and is now working perfectly.

The unit which has been out of action for a long time had some parts removed last year to get the unit in our office/bedroom working, and  I assumed we would now need a completely new air conditioner for that room, but lo and behold Ibo replaced whatever was needed and hey presto, another unit working.    I would add that the office unit was extremely dirty, mainly due to not being able to climb a ladder nowadays, and Ibo and his colleague cleaned this inside and out and it now looks like a completely new unit.

We were very pleased that we had been saved a huge amount of expense for a replacement unit and also the cleaning of the others, and ended up with a very reasonable amount to pay for the work Ibo did for us. 

We now have lovely cool rooms at the press of a button so are more than satisfied with Happy AirCon.   If you have air conditioner problems and would like some help, Ibo can be contacted on 0533 840 8218 or email  

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