September 22, 2023

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar stated that the Cyprus Peace Operation, which was carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) on July 20, 1974, was the beginning of a new period for the Turkish Cypriot people.

Prime Minister Tatar made evaluations to an AA correspondent regarding the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation and the developments that followed.

“The Cyprus Peace Operation was the beginning of a new era for the Turkish Cypriot people,” Tatar said. Noting that the Turkish Cypriots, before the 1974 Peace Operation, were scattered in the island and could not see their future, Tatar pointed out that the existence of the Turkish Cypriots on the island was threatened by genocide and similar moves. Commemorating Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit who ordered the operation and his government partner Necmettin Erbakan, Tatar said: “After 46 years, I wish mercy for those who lost their lives. May the places of our martyrs be in heaven. I wish mercy from Allah to Dr.Fazıl Küçük, Rauf Denktaş and their fellow countrymen.”

Tatar said, “I want to call on the children and grandchildren of our martyrs; if our national interests are protected by the Turkish Republic, this is thanks to their martyred grandparents. Together we have achieved this success, and we hope to celebrate many July 20’s together in the future.”

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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