September 30, 2023

Global music networker ROLAND EYERICH from Germany, based now in North Cyprus, has no boundaries connecting his music presentation with musicians and music listeners all around the World.  His newest success is his first “Keep The Blues Rock Alive mit Roland” in the Netherlands,  by “Dutch Rock Radio – HOEX Radio” which was launched last Monday 13th July 2020.

North Cyprus Music and Engagement Vita from Roland:  on 1st January 2017 the first Blues & Rock Show (every Sunday) for BAYRAK International (Lefkosa).

The cooperation with the one and only unique Venue for Live Music “The Soulist” in Alsancak started on 28th September 2018.  The first Friends Across Borders Festival  (FAB) one day event.  Cooperation with RockCyprus from Limassol (RoC).  27th to 29th September 2019,  the second Soulist Friends Across Borders Festival (FAB) 3 day event.  13th July 2020 the first “Keep The Blues Rock Alive mit Roland” show in Netherlands for “The Dutch Rock Station – HOEX Radio” Mondays and Saturdays as a repeating Show.  The third Soulist Friends Across Borders (FAB) planned for 25th to 27th September 2020.  

Music is the passion of Roland – presenting music, supporting musicians in Cyprus, organising the Soulist Friends Across Borders for musicians from both sides of the divided island of Cyprus.

Roland started with his music from his hard disc when he presented music in his first Blues & Rock Shows with BAYRAK International. That was not enough for Roland, always presenting not current music….. He wanted more….. So the global music networking started.

Nearly 20 Labels in Blues, Blues/Rock, Rock are now sending him their music and also musicians promoting themselves are sending their music from –  Netherlands, Italy, Scandinavia, Denmark, Scotland, UK, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Georgia (USA), Germany are some of the labels based countries now. After a good 2 years he has achieved his goal of presenting new and current music. Without Bayrak International here this would not have been possible.  The “Gazi” deserves special mention. Can Gazi is the mastermind of the BAYRAK recording studio. Go for the Blues & Rock Shows from Bayrak International FM 105 or online

In 2018 the first Friends Across Borders (FAB) was organised…. After 1974 this was the first time it was possible to bring musicians from both sides of Cyprus together on one stage in Northern Cyprus.  A small step – always he has to fight against walls in musicians and people`s brains …Supporting others to build bridges with music was the other idea. So he got the Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association on board as a cooperation partner and the Motto/Theme was found – “Music and Cancer having no Boundaries”

The only place where it could be realised was the unique Venue for Live Music “The Soulist Coffee and Music House“ in Alsancak. The cooperation with Alper Cengiz (owner of The Soulist), a professional musician, made this success possible.

As a partner for this project with the heart for this it became a success.  In 2018 it was only for 1 day and for the second event in 2019 it increased to 3 days. Always with different genre of music – Rock, Blues/Rock, Reggae, Young Stage, Jazz, Gospel, Classical Choir, and more.

2020 is planned for 25, 26, and 27th of September.

All the Musicians presenting their music on FAB for the Motto/Theme “Music and Cancer having no Boundaries“ in aid of Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association”.

For the first time it will be possible to bring musicians from Germany and Scotland on the FAB stage supporting the Project….. But for all this to happen financial support and cooperation is important.  Sponsors before the Lockdown: – Olivia Palm Hotel – Kyrenia : EZIC Peanuts (Restaurant) Kyrenia : Silver Rocks – Lapta : Creditwest -Catalköy : Almond Holiday Village & Hotel : Mr. Pound – Lefkosa : Elite Web Design : : RockCyprus : Mephisto Diving – Karpaz

Private Sponsors: – Sandra Killic, – Maggie and Lynn Allen – Trix Doeleman-Voogd – Brigitte Marsten, – Viola Edward de Glanville – Tina Louise-Dibben and Team

Also in 2019 Roland joined the Cooperation with RockCyprus (Limassol- RoC). RockCyprus is an online hub for everyone with their black hearts into rock music in Cyprus.

“RockCyprus was created with an aim to build a central interaction point for the rock community on the island. Cyprus has a wealth of talent covering all rock genres from black metal to pop rock, from punk to symphonic rock. From haunting melodic vocals to growls spawned in the pits of Hell. We aim to unite rock music enthusiasts and create a central point of communication and a hub of the rock souls in Cyprus“

They promote the project FAB and also the live Music Venue “The Soulist“ in Alsancak. The last success for Roland started in July when one of the best Rock Radio Stations of Europe chose Roland for their Radio –  “The Dutch Rock Radio Station – HOEX Radio“.  The first show was on Monday 13th of July with his Music Show to now follow every Monday.

“Keep the Blues Rock Alive mit Roland” on HOEX Radio is also a repeating show on Saturdays. Go online for it.

Thank you Eric Schot and Mark Oosterwijk for giving me the opportunity to now be a part of the HOEX Team.

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