September 30, 2023

By Richard Beale…….

ESENTEPE  KKSK  v  OZANKÖY SK  (match awarded 3-0 to Esentepe)

Sunday July 12th marks one of the saddest and blackest days in the history of Ozanköy Sports Club, not only did they fail to fulfil their fixture they were relegated to the BTM League 1 after a horrendous season.

Esentepe were awarded the 3 points by the Football Federation deemed to be a score of 3-0, as Ozanköy was unable to field a team for this fixture. As late as Saturday evening Esentepe were under the impression that Ozanköy would fulfil their obligation of sending a team for this match, so preparations went ahead as normal for the game. At 3-00 pm on Sunday, while the Esentepe players were having their pre-match meal, a message was sent from Ozanköy SK that they only have 6 players and so will not be coming to Esentepe. For Esentepe this was more than annoying as they still have to pay the match officials fees, first-aid fees and of course there would be no gate money.

Instead Esentepe players had a practice match with the whole squad taking part, in preparation of their next match away to Karşıyaka on Thursday evening.

Even if Ozanköy had played this match they were hanging onto their League 1 status by a fingertip – the results of their last 9 matches read : (recent first – 1-7,- 0-9,- 2-3,-1-3,-2-3, -1-8,-0-4,-0-2,-0-7. a very depressing sequence.


Ozanköy are an old established club founded in 1956 with lots of history and tradition, they used to have a thriving football academy and quite a few expats used to come along and watch them play.

Just over a year ago they lost a ‘”League 1 promotion play off final” with their deadly rivals, Düzkaya from Catalköy, and that’s where their troubles began. Last season they overstretched themselves financially paying inflated prices for players, paying over the top wages which they couldn’t sustain. So this season it has imploded on them they and sold players cheaply, then they couldn’t afford to pay their players, Coaches and players have come and gone at regular intervals, it has been a very depressing season.

Ozankoy have hit rock bottom and there is nowhere else to go, they will be back, it may take a couple of seasons in the BTM League to regroup, refocus, and plan ahead but this old club will not lay down and die – they will be back.

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