August 15, 2022

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar made a call to the Greek Cypriot Administration to change their attitude of preventing the crossing of foreigners from the south to the north and for the European Union to accelerate their initiatives for the Green Line Regulation.

The Prime Minister mentioned that the TRNC Assembly issued a joint declaration and made call to the Greek Cypriot Administration to change their new implementations for the crossings and to the EU to take the initiative for returning the crossing procedure implemented before the pandemic. Tatar said ‘Our call must be taken into consideration and the prohibition of the crossing of foreigners between the two sides must be discontinued as soon as possible’.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

3 thoughts on “Minister Tatar made a call to Greek Cypriot Administration and EU

  1. All the time that Akinci think that they are his best friends, I prefer to call them or Enemies.
    That is why I am advocating that the UN must lift the Embargo before we attend the next round of negotiations as political Equals so as when they would not reach an agreement, at list we would not come back empty handed, again.

  2. According to the UN web site they have not introduced embargo’s on the TRNC! I just checked!

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