September 22, 2023

Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD), the only foundation university of Cyprus and the region focused on art, design and communication, celebrated with its founders, academics, employees and students after receiving the YÖK equivalence for all departments.

Having started his speech by stating that the university receiving the YÖK equivalence is of great importance, ARUCAD Chairman of the Board of Trustees and AREKAV VYK President, Dr. Sinan Arkin, said that it is important to begin admitting students from the University of Turkey.  Noting that the path of cooperation with many important institutions and organisations has been opened with the YÖK equivalence, Arkin said, “Another important factor is that the diploma of ARUCAD will be recognised all over the world with the approval of YÖK. With this confirmation, we proved our existence once again. This is not a personal achievement, but a collective success of all of us. I congratulate everyone who contributed.”

Dr. Sinan Arkın continued as follows; “Our task now is to achieve cultural renewal using all our creativity. Many institutions around the world encourage creativity and provide a cultural renewal. It is the responsibility of all academics, students and employees to establish this creative environment in ARUCAD. We have a lot of work to do. We are walking confidently to the future.”

Arkın Group Chairman and ARUCAD Founder, Erbil Arkin, started his speech by congratulating all managers, academics and employees, and said, “We first dreamed a dream and then shared this dream together. In order to achieve this dream, you were with us in this whole process. This is a team success. Achieving YÖK equivalence is a beginning for ARUCAD. This news is the beginning of the cultural change in this country that will carry the generations after us to the future. This University will continue with the same philosophy in the years ahead. We set out to create an institution where many generations will be trained in ARUCAD. Small steps have big effects. This step is the step that carries Cyprus to the future and initiates change in the cultural life of the Island. We will continue to be a boutique University. I have already started to imagine the opening of the conservatory, dance, performing arts, music, textile, and fashion design departments in ARUCAD in the coming years. “I am proud to be a part of this University.”

Vice Rector Assoc. Dr. Asım Vehbi said, “Universities, which have not been approved by YÖK, had an important request. However, if universities other than non-profit companies apply, YÖK said that they would consider these applications.  Dr. Sinan Arkın and Mr. Erbil Arkın accepted this without hesitation because they had not established ARUCAD for profit. I would like to thank them again from here. They burned a spark and started the process of foundation by making this bold decision.”

Vehbi added that Minister of National Education Nazım Çavuşoğlu’s Head of  Higher Education Department, Ziya Öztürkler, and YÖDAK gave great support in this process.  He said, “Other universities are now trying to complete this process. We opened a new door, others will follow. This is a very important development for TRNC. With the ARUCAD diploma becoming recognised throughout the world, it is our duty to bring students from all over the world, to maintain student and employee satisfaction, and to establish an increasing academic standard. My belief that we will achieve our goals by working hard is complete, I wholeheartedly thank everyone who contributed in this process.”

The celebration ended with the speeches where the employees shared their dreams about the future of ARUCAD.

Source (Turkish):  Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD),


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