October 2, 2022

By Trevor Hughes ….

Temporary Residence

Please note, if you are under the age of 60 years, you will need to have a blood test. Payment must be made at the time of making your application and must be paid online. The system will not accept Debit or Credit cards unless it is a TRNC card. The system will only accept this and no other.

Fitted Kitchen

Readers may remember, on last month’s issue of the news round, I wrote about a company that installs high quality kitchens. Since the publication, I visited a customer’s home who had her new kitchen installed by this very same company.

The customer decided to accept the quotation and employed his services. The old kitchen was only a few months old but the supply and fitting was far from satisfactory and needed replacing by a reputable specialist. On viewing the new installation, the quality was of a very high standard and completed in the time quoted, all cupboards and accessories were fitted and the fitters were extremely skilled and tidy throughout the whole procedure.

At no cost to the customer, they fitted the old kitchen cupboards in his “man cave” which surprised and delighted the customer. A recommendation well worth considering if you are in the market for a new kıtchen or bedroom cupboards. Should you wish to contact this company, ring me on +90 533 844 34 03 because the owner speaks very little English.

Applying for a UK passport

The UK Government passport renewal web site is warnıng applicants to reconsider making their application at a later date because COVID-19 has caused a large backlog and they have fewer staff to cope This will help them to support those with urgent applications, who need their servıces most. Coronavirus (COVID-19) – in line with public health guidance, we are working with fewer staff. It will take longer than usual to process your application so please bear wıth them.

Notary Stamps

If you need documents rubber stamped by a Noter, say for the first time driving licence applications, for instance, be aware, before your documents are authorised, check the cost before he/she undertakes the stamping procedure. There is no set amount charged and they will get away with whatever they can. One of our customers went to a notary for document authorisation and was charged 100TL for each page. Totally outrageous!

Spare Wheels

When purchasing a car from a used car dealer, before you hand over any money, make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase, including whether or not it has a spare wheel. The reason I bring this to your attention is because there is a company selling second hand cars in the area, who sell to customers and some of their cars do not have a spare wheel. (Just what you need when the time arrives.)

Upon questioning the salesperson, his reply was “all cars purchased from the UK do not come with spare wheels. What lovely aftercare sales service they have!

Online Road Tax Application

Please keep in mind that while using the online road tax website, you will need to use either your laptop or desktop, because if you make an application on either your phone or iPad you will only get half the application page. This will prevent you from completing your application.

Selling A Car

When buying a used car from a private source, the procedure for the logbook update has changed. The TR2 Form which was used before is no longer needed.  As indeed there is no requirement for a Muhktar’s letter. The new procedure is,  the buyer and the seller, together with the relevant car documents and passports plus copies, must attend the tax office and make the vehicle title change together. If the seller is not in the country, the buyer will need to get a Notary’s letter informing the Tax Office that this person is not in the country. This is the only way you can exchange Title Deeds from now on.


We have now got a Facebook page called Insurance Enquiries where you can read on a more daily basis about current events and general information.

If you have any questions you want answering you can use our Facebook page for quick service by posting your questions or message us by using the Whatsapp button on the page.

Search for Insurance Enquiries click here or @trevorstips411 and don’t forget to like the page and turn on notifications.

Contactless Payment

More than ever before, contactless payment is getting more and more popular in retail outlets. We will soon become a cashless society and those ‘die hard’ amongst us who hate using credit cards will need to conform.

I needed to fill my car up with petrol the other day and instead of putting 100TL  in the tank the attendant filled up the tank as requested. Fortunately, I was paying by credit card so no problem, and yes the machine payment was by way of the new contactless system.

Be aware, in the wrong hands and your card will be used for the purchase of small items.

Bayram Holidays

  • Monday 20th July – Peace and Freedom Bayram (Government offices and Banks will be closed.)
  • Thursday 30th July – Kurban Bayram Eve (Government offices and Banks will be open for half a working day)
  • Friday 31st July – Monday August 3rd (Kurban Bayram – Government offices and Banks will be closed.)

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  1. Great tips. Also remember to make sure your prospective car purchase has a wheel brace too. You can’t change your wheel without one. I got caught out like that.

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