October 6, 2022

The British Residents’ Society published very important news in their July 2020 Newsletter with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus Regulations and Residency which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

July 2020



As we speak the first of our members are currently in quarantine, no doubt looking forward to the day they can receive a negative PCR test and return to their ‘homes’.

We would like to thank all concerned for their hard work in achieving this.

Those who deserve our thanks are:-

  • The Prime Minister,
  • The Deputy Prime Minister,
  • Gunes Onar (MFA),
  • The TRNC Consulate Office, London,
  •  CTCA UK,
  • The Director of Immigration,
  •  Cyprus Paradise representatives,
  •  Caroline Houghton (TFR).
  •  Catherine Hayes and
  • Mike Diplock (BRS) without whose 11th hour intervention would have meant that some members would not have been authorised for travel.
  •  Finally, Kemal Bagzibagli who was at Ercan to assist the clearance of the passengers


At the moment only TC citizens and other authorised persons can travel to the Republic of Cyprus from the TRNC. Once this changes you will be notified.


As we have previously mentioned in our weekly updates, because of the above situation, although repatriation flights to the UK continue, they are only being arranged with those returning being for strictly health or humanitarian reasons. It is not sufficient simply to want to return to the UK when you have a property in the TRNC where you can stay until restrictions are lifted.

We have worked closely with the British High Commission to assist such persons, but as you would expect there are people who have claimed to have been in touch with the BHC to arrange repatriation whereas in fact they have not.


Ali Çaygür, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, said in a statement that those people who want to have a PCR test will have to go to Lefkosa (Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu) State Hospital and should apply and pay at the Outpatient Diagnosis Centre.

Tests can be completed during the day or the next day, Çaygür advised those with Negative Results should carry the receipt for the TL 300 payment with the PCR test result.


The new online Residency system has now been introduced. As predicted, there are a few anomalies in the system such as,

  • People needing to find the UK denomination (in Turkish – Birleşik Krallık)
  • Previous file numbers not being recognised
  • Passwords being misread (letters and numbers)
  •  Inability to upload documents (too large)
  • Inability to upload details of ‘private insurance’
  • Credit/Payment Cards not being accepted

The list goes on!

In the next weekly update, I will share a FAQs document which is being constructed to answer the queries that have already been identified to us, as well as those yet to be resolved.

Following that document, we will be looking to run a weekly clinic specifically for residency issues at the HUT, to assist people who have these or other problems. This will be strictly by appointment during the afternoon. We are currently asking some of our members who are computer literate to assist.

For those members who are still waiting to complete your Residency application from before ‘lockdown’ please call the following number to arrange an appointment at the Immigration office in Lefkosa

0392 6111088

Please remember that to complete your residency you must have Health Insurance (either STATE or PRIVATE) in place to cover the FULL TERM of your residency.


Since the last Committee meeting, meetings have been held with various officials within the Interior Ministry including the Undersecretary, to pursue various issues relating to the new Residency Visa Application System, Permanent Residency, and the Specific Performance Law, some of which have been concluded and some issues remain work in progress for some time.

In addition, meetings with the Foreign Ministry including with the Undersecretary and the Foreign Minister / Deputy Prime Minister, in relation to the status of British Passport holders, holding both proven and theoretical entitlement to residency, and their subsequent conditions for re-entry into the TRNC. Additional information was requested by the Foreign Ministry in relation to some BRS members, and that information was given to the Foreign Ministry in the evening of the same day of their request.

Several meetings have been held at the Prime Ministry, including the Prime Minister to discuss the position of British Passport holders and their impending (as at this moment in time) return to the TRNC.

Following these meetings letters were sent to both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, confirming all of the points that had been raised, so that they were in possession of all of the relevant information when the issues were discussed and are in fact continuing to be discussed at Council of Ministers meetings, where the actual decisions are taken, and will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Weekly video conference call briefings are continuing to be held with the British High Commission to exchange updates, and information.

Any confirmed information resulting from any of the above events will as always, be passed onto the members as soon as it is reasonably possible.

The level of correspondence from both members and non-members asking for help, has increased considerably, following the re-launch of the upgraded Residency Visa application system.

Looking across all different communication channels, we have received and responded to around 200 requests for assistance and the majority of these have been concluded with a few issues still being worked on.

In addition to the above, the conditions of entry and quarantine requirements raised an additional number of enquiries and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, given the frequent changes that will be happening to risk designations of individual countries going forward.

A noticeable number of both the residency visa enquiries and conditions of entry, particularly from non-members simply needs the originator to be provided with the correct information, rather than supplying assistance based upon information that is clearly wrong.

Currently we are completely up to date with incoming correspondence, although a limited number of enquiries have been acknowledged, and are on hold, pending clarification from the relevant Ministry, as and when we can receive it. None of these are of an urgent nature.

In view of the overall number of enquiries from non-members, we are continuing to plan for some additional ad-hoc clinics, which would allow for a greater number of renewals and specifically new members to be able to join. Further details of these ad- hoc clinics will be published at the appropriate time.

The following request has been submitted from Ugur Culhaoglu – a General Legal Counsel employed by the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dear BRS members,

I’m a legal adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am writing this post in the knowledge of Pete Wilkins and Mike D Esentepe.

For a while ago, some foreigners who were homebuyers in TRNC but had some serious title deed problems, contacted the Ministry. Then I have been given work to solve this problem.

Now, a new Law is being drafted, and it is about to be ready very soon.

I kindly request you to contact me, if you (or someone you know) had any kind of problem on acquiring title deed. We know most of the problems, and the solutions as well. Still, your experience may lead us to think wider. You can comment below or pm me or email me.

Thank you in advance.

Ugur Culhaoglu

Please bear in mind that Ugur is a lawyer employed by the Foreign Ministry to draft the necessary laws. Ugur is not offering his services here to act as a lawyer on behalf of any individuals, he has more than enough work to do, without looking for more. Ugur is merely trying to ensure that the new Specific Performance Law meets all our concerns going forward.

There is as you would expect a very wide range of experiences when buying property in the TRNC. Some experiences are good, some are bad, and some in between. It is very important from your own personal experience, particularly if it was disappointing to say exactly why in your opinion it was so. And then being constructive, from your own experience, what you would like to suggest, to make it better. There is a genuine opportunity to make a difference here. The new Specific Performance Law specifically deals with the procedural method under which property can be purchased, and I am sure we all agree that needs to be looked at.

This new law will not deal with or address any issues relating to lawyers involved in the process of purchasing property, so it is pointless making any reference to any lawyers involved.

You may send any feedback that you would like Ugur to consider when drafting this new law to pw.brstrnc@gmail.com all feedback will be collated and forwarded to Ugur for review. It will be quite sufficient to just list the key issues. If Ugur needs further information, then he will contact you directly.

Editor’s note: For those readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society and registration as a member please click here



2 thoughts on “BRS News of Residency and Health 30th June 2020

  1. Can you advise us on the next Gov. Meeting regarding the relaxing of entry conditions and if anybody is lobbying on behalf of Brits with homes in TRNC. A lot of owners do not want to go into gov. Quarantine but would accept isolation in their own homes. Better still recatagorise to cat B. Most of the UK swallows are of an age where they have self isolated for the last 12 weeks already to protect themselves rather than other people. Also why is it that TRNC hotels who usually charge a price per room are charging £510 per person for quarantine even if they are 2 to a room.

    1. Hello Chris,

      Clearly there are various NGOs lobbying the government and as we receive fresh news from the British Residents Society we will publish it.

      The TRNC government make the rules regarding Lockdowns and Quarantine and do understand that the charge for quarantine is decided by the government and not the hotels of which there have been various categories being used to quarantine people/

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