September 30, 2023

By Kate Cornwell …….

Water levels at the Geçitköy Dam have dropped vastly over the last few months due to problems with the pipeline from Turkey which is in need of repair.

I recently visited the Dam on Sunday (28th June), at a very early hour of the morning with my dogs, and was horrified to see  how low the dam currently is.

I believe from what I have read that no water has been piped since mid January and levels are now frighteningly low.

Supposedly repairs are meant to start shortly and I did see a boat out at sea for a couple of days that looked similar to the boats they used when constructing this amazing project which they completed in March 2014.

So hopefully it will be fixed in the not too distant future as otherwise the dam will run totally dry, due to increasing evaporation and usage by consumers as temperatures rise.

Although it was slightly disturbing to see the Dam in its current situation it was still a wonderful walk – peaceful and such beautiful surroundings – this is Cyprus at its best.

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