September 22, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

I wonder, in the years to come, what researchers of the future would find when trying to carry out some research on a topic or event of present times. Excessive bombardment of information, differing with each other, that we see on the internet nowadays, on a particular topic or event, would of course make them confused. Would they be able to reach the truth?

Surfing the web leads us to different sites where we come across different versions of the same event. There are some sites where a true version of any event has been shared. Some news regarding some particular event has been published. But at the same time, some other site publishes the same event in a totally different manner. I agree that the style of reporting, priorities of the editors differ from person to person, but in journalism, all these are not supposed to change the real and true information.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of high technology, it is rather difficult to find the truth, since Google simply lists down anything and everything about some particular topic. It is only those who have learned to distinguish a trustworthy news site from others, can find a real news story. But it is not so easy, and most of the people who surf the net and read the news on different news sites, do in general accept everything on the net as true and correct.

Thus starts a situation of total confusion. The general public usually does not know what is the real news. This is the reality that those who matter know. The forces who want to gain benefit from such situations, manage to keep the general public either confused or lead their opinions in some particular way.

This is how the political parties work, everywhere. Every political party, in every country, nowadays have got their media wing. In the past, these media wings used to maintain good connections with journalists to get the news about their particular party or about any event, in a particular way, and better coverage. Apart from that, they had been issuing pamphlets, etc to keep the public informed about the performances of their particular parties. But now the system has changed. The same media cells of political parties are now more active in social media. They create accounts on various social media channels, make pages, discussion groups, and forums. The party activists are now not only active in propagating for their own political parties but are also active in keeping their opponents under control. There is more than one way to keep opponents under control on social media.

Interestingly it is not just the political parties or politicians who are active on social media. The glamour world everywhere too is very active on social media. They also act the same way. They adopt the same policies. They also maintain their contacts with the journalists and the social media activists. There are professionals who run advertising campaigns for film and TV stars, singers, musicians, etc. There are pages and groups on Facebook and other sites, where activists, both professional and amateur, remain busy to further their own agendas.

Of course, the sports field is very very dependent on social media coverage as well. The same procedures and tactics apply in this field too.

It is not just the written news that has been altered or re-written, by hiding the truth either fully or partially, on the internet. The technique of photoshop has further helped in providing wrong information to the general public or in moulding their opinions.

Thus all, including the businessmen, use social media to advertise their products. They all try to attract the general public. For this how much truth and how many lies have been put on the screens in front of us. How many of us can actually understand the reality behind every piece of information that we come across every day?

I think all of us know the answers to all these questions.

But I am afraid those who would be using the same news on the internet, would find it almost impossible to find the truth out of so much altered or fabricated news, photographs, and other forms of shared information.

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