December 8, 2023

Üstel: “It is an important task to ensure that Anex comes to TRNC. The mistakes in the registration details are not my responsibility”

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Ünal Üstel, evaluated the visit of Neşet Koçkar, which is the subject of the discussions, and bringing Anex to the TRNC economy is of great importance; He explained that he cannot be held responsible for the bureaucratic mistakes made during this visit.

Answering the questions of Ali Baturay on Haber Cyprus TV, Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel said, “I would like to repeat once again who these people are that we are interested in: Anex is a company that carries 6-7 million people to tourism centers on a global scale. The number of Russian tourists that visit Turkey is 2 million; In Southern Cyprus, it is about 500,000.  By appreciating the features of Anex firm, it is important to bring the most authoritative name of such a company to North Cyprus, especially when considering the outsourcing we need after the epidemic crisis related to the economy or tourism. It should be something understandable to everyone”.

During the entry and stay of Koçkar and his team, immigration and health rules needed to be followed; Explaining that nobody wants to  avoid these rules, Üstel said, “Of course, who is or will be on the team of Mr. Neşet Koçkar is a second important issue for me. The presence of two brothers has caught everyone’s attention. Taking the necessary health precautions or immigration procedures are the subjects of the responsibilities of the relevant Ministries. These are not my duties; I also did not find it right to interfere with the duties of my other ministers. I would not object to the investigation if the necessary procedures or the necessary health measures were not taken at the entrance of the team to the country and I would like to ask for an account of this,” said Minister Üstel.

Emphasising that the marina investment to be made in Lapta is of great importance for the country’s economy, Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel said the following regarding the arrival of this tender:

“Cyprus Arenco, participating in the Lapta Marina tender, sent an article indicating that it was withdrawing from the tender to the Municipality of Lapta on February 27;  However, it was reported that the Mayor of Lapta tried to maintain their interest in the project by sending a letter to CyprusDelux Global Travel Ltd, which belongs to Koçkar on May 15, and that the company that won the tender will expire on June 26, 2020. What could be more natural?

This is exactly what is done. If these contacts and investigations are left unfinished, the responsible ministries who are responsible for this unnecessary discussion should explain the failure of the necessary immigration and health procedures.

If there are negativities, it would be a huge mistake to try to blame Mr. Neşet Koçkar and his friends. They did not make a request for their accommodation to be arranged like this.

Are we aware that as Politicians and also as a society we are overwhelming these people with excessive discussions?  We have upset people who have not done anything wrong.  This is not healthy behaviour.”

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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