December 8, 2023

Readers Mail…
Susie and Martin – The Quiz Masters

Susie’s 14th online quiz on Wednesday 17th June 2020.

Following the TRNC now having no more cases of the COVID-19 virus our quizzes are going to be back to normal for us and held at the The Balti House in Esentepe on Thursday evenings …

Since we started doing our quizzes online live we have people taking part who can’t get back to the TRNC so we have decided to carry on quizzing for them.

This week we had 7 Teams competing from UK, Sweden, and Scotland and we had 20 General Knowledge Questions followed by  “Guess The Actor ” Music Round.

The Results Are :

  • 1st    Flippers                                                      38 Pts
  • 2nd  Don’t Mention The War                              36 Pts
  • 3rd  Team Ahaha                                                 35 Pts
  • 4th   Joint  Social Distancers, Lemon Lovers  31 Pts
  • Lemon Winners  Joint  Anglo Swedes, Low Batteries
  • Splitting the Lemon In Half  with                      28 Pts 

Thank you all for joining us again and for your lovely messages of thanks and caring thoughts.

See you All again very soon and Keep Safe.. 
Susie n Martin  xxxx


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