September 22, 2023

By Kate Cornwell ……

It has been a tiresome few months – with the young kids being off school since March and will not be returning until mid to end of September. So another long stretch of over 3 months to hopefully the beginning of school. The kids have been great throughout this lockdown but I personally can understand that they have so missed the communication with their school mates and playing together after school and at the weekends.

Grandparents of a little girl called Mia who is 7 years old have posted onto social media for help that maybe some other children would be able to meet up with her and the family to play on a beach or whatever, so that she can talk and play with her own age group.

Mia was relocated from the Yucatan, Mexico in August last year and now lives here in Northern Cyprus – Tatlisu. She loves to play, dance and sing. Since arriving here she has become fluent in English and having attended the local school is learning Turkish at an amazing pace.

It was a coincidence that the Tatlisu Carob Festival in September 2019 had 40 Mexican performers from Mexico City – a picture of her and some of the performers!

Lets help this little girl and probably so many other children who are bored and miss the company of their own age group

Her grandparents would like to suggest a beach meet or any other recreational suggestions for those parents who would like to involve their children to integrate and have a healthy social life after this recent lockdown.

Please contact: John Nolan on 0533 835 4043 and let’s make some children happy this summer!



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