December 8, 2023

Social distance measures are to be taken at beaches against the global epidemic Coronavirus threat. Accordingly, Kervansaray Public Beach, which is connected to Girne Municipality, has completed its preparations for the new season.

In the information given from Girne Municipality; Kervansaray Public Beach, which will be opened at the weekend (6/7 June) in accordance with the social distance rules, has been reduced from 120 umbrella capacity to 80 umbrella capacity. All sunbeds have been removed. It is stated that the products to be sold on the beaches will be served with disposable cardboard containers. The authorities stated that if the capacity of 80 umbrellas is filled, no other citizens can be allowed entry.   Sand has also been added to the beach.  The staff on the beach have been trained regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and Girne Municipality will provide devices for hand hygiene at the entrances.

Preparations are also completed for Antis Public Beach

Girne Municipality made a statement: “Antis Public Beach has expanded its area by increasing the umbrella capacity of 23 to 34 umbrellas while also maintaining the social distance on the grassed area. Stating that the necessary measures have been taken, the officials reminded citizens that they must comply with social distance rules and decisions.”

It is stated that entrance to the beaches is at a cost of 7.5 TL.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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