September 22, 2023

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar stated that the country entered the normalisation process faster than expected, saying, “Where did we come from in 2.5 months? I believe things will normalise after a few months. We should not be pessimistic. ”

Minister Tatar noted that it is accepted that the downsizing of the TRNC economy will recover in a short period of time “for the future of the TRNC’s development and progress, the resources from Turkey will be a driving force for the reduction of economic factors,” he said.

Stating that COVİD-19 is taking the world by storm and the economies are getting smaller in this process, Tatar said, “It was not possible for us to be exempt from this situation. We entered a shrinkage, but normalisation is faster than predicted. I believe that it will not take long, before we will come to the previous dimensions.”

The Minister stated the start of flights, opening of land border gates and the quarantine conditions for those who will come to the country will be evaluated by the Ministry of Health and scientific boards, “Where did we come from in 2.5 months? I believe things will normalise after a few months. We should not be pessimistic. I have never been pessimistic, I’ve always been positive about matters. ”

He also said that the good management of the Coronavirus will be perceived and the attractiveness of the TRNC could increase.

Noting that they are working on the second economic package and they want to evaluate with economic organisations, the Prime Minister said, “Yes, there are problems in the private sector, we also know that there are problems in the conditions of the business world. We are working on how to help the private sector, the real sector, and how to transfer resources.”

Tatar stated that they always care about Turkey’s support, public finance and economic and financial cooperation protocol, the real sector, infrastructure investments and said the defence would be supported.  “This resource will be a driving force for the future development of the TRNC, to reduce the shrinking economic factors we are in now,” Tatar said.

Noting that the expenditure in health increased due to pandemic, Tatar pointed out the expenditure made on tests, health supplies and additional payments, and said the expenses were covered by public finances.

Reminding that they created internal resources and made decisions to complete the hospitals in Güzelyurt and Kyrenia, Tatar emphasised that this would be an important step for the economy.

Source (Turkish) : TRNC Public Information Office

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