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EMU issues statement on the occasion of “18 May Museums Day”

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Architecture, published a joint announcement in relation to “18th May Museums Day” and  “18 – 24 May Museums Week”. The announcement gave place to the following comments:

Due to the curiosity of humanity and inspired by myths in mythology, museums which were originally aimed at collecting and displaying ancient works, now serve humanity with its sociological, pedagogical and psychological content.

Museums that shed light on the past and even the future of humanity have a very important share in the formation of consciousness of archeology, history, science and art. Museums are institutions, not areas, that must be visited in order to have information about human life and memory of the past and present. Through museums, people can also be aware of their potential and reveal their creative side with curiosity and desire to explore.

May 18th was accepted as the “International Museums Day” by the International Council of Museums, and was declared as the “Museums Day” by UNESCO on May 18, all over the world. In our country, as for the whole world, May 18-24 is celebrated every year as ”Museums Week”. Various social awareness activities are organised annually by our research centers and departments within our university. Unfortunately, within the COVID-19 Pandemic environment experienced worldwide this year, by putting human health first, activities that would be physically implemented will not be held. We hope that as soon as possible, all humanity regains an environment of health and peace and recaptures its bright days.