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Services in St. Andrew’s

Sadly we are still unable to hold services in St. Andrew’s because of the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There may be some confusion because of the statement made recently by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay in which he says:

“mass [i.e. public] worship will be opened in a way that enables the May 24 prayer, and that in other religions mass worship will be possible, but it will be possible within the framework of the rules to be published by the religious affairs department”

The rules published by the Religious Affairs Department can be found here

Although the rules refer specifically to mosques, and in particular the weekend of 23/24 May when the prayer for the end of Ramadan will be held on Sunday 24th, as noted above these rules also apply to other religions.

Some of those requirements are difficult to implement in St. Andrew’s at this time, particularly, given the size of the church, the difficulty in maintaining social distancing.

Also the closure of all crossing points from the south of the island means that during this vacancy period clergy are unable to travel to conduct services. However Steve Bishop continues to produce an ePraise service which means that those who wish to join in will be emailed a full service text including Scripture readings, a (short) talk and prayer suggestions. See here for details.

The Church Council will continue to keep the matter under review and will advise when St. Andrew’s is once more open for public worship.

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