August 18, 2022

By Richard Beale …..

On Monday 18th May Esentepe Football team returned to training for the first time since football in the TRNC was suspended due the COVID-19 virus. Esentepe were last in action on March 7th. Though players have been training on their own, mainly at home this was the first time they were allowed to train as a group.

The Government, Health Department and the Football Federation has issued strict instructions of what is allowed and what is not allowed in training. The green light has been given and virtually all of the League clubs joined Esentepe on Monday in returning to training.

Before the session began Esentepe Coach Kiliç Ali Kahraman stressed the importance of the new instructions to the players. Where possible social distances must be observed, no handshakes, no contact, the players must arrive in training kit individually and no showers are to be taken, these are among the many rules that must be complied with. With football being a physical and contact sport it must be very difficult for the players.

After such a long break and with the very hot weather the players must have thought it was like the start of pre-season training in August!

This is the start of 2 weeks training to enable the players to regain fitness which is important to avoid injuries. It is hoped that providing there is not a “second spike” then the season can recommence in June. With 8 or 9 matches left to play, then the teams will have to play at least twice a week with early evening kick offs.

It is a start, oh how we have missed football!

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