December 8, 2023

We have been publishing many readers letters of ex-pats who want to return to the UK from Northern Cyprus, and also those who want to return to Northern Cyprus from around the world who have homes in the TRNC and are unable to return due to both flight and border restrictions because of COVID-19 prevention measure.

We have received a new letter from Vera Riley-Shaw (Curtis) who wants to return to the TRNC with her husband Malcolm but are currently stuck in the UK.

For those people who are wanting to return from the UK to the TRNC or go from the TRNC to the UK please go to Facebook page “TRNC Residents trying to get home click here and register your details as directed.

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing some good news where we can as well.

Readers mail…
Vera Riley-Shaw (Curtis)……

Hello Chris,

I read with interest and empathy about the couple who sold their property in the UK put their worldly goods in a container sent it on its way to Famagusta only to be told at Stansted that they could not fly, and are now stuck in temporary accommodation near Stansted living out of two suitcases.

Our situation is similar but not as devastating.  We have owned a one bed apartment in Tatlisu for over 10 years and have been visiting the island regularly since then.  I retired 5 years ago and spent more time in our holiday home.  We both loved Northern Cyprus so much my husband Malcolm decided to take early retirement.  

I then started to look for our “forever” home and last year found a beautiful villa in Tatlisu which I fell in love with.  We sold our house in the UK in October bought the villa in Tatlisu and bought a flat in England, which we intended to live in until March when my husband would retire.  We would then rent it out to give us an income.  

All our furniture was in storage and in March we transferred it to the removal company with the container booked for 23 March and the flights booked for 24 March.  A couple were moving into our flat on 26 March.  

We all know what happened the week before this.  No flights and lockdown.  Luckily for us (but not the couple), we were able to cancel the rental so we still had somewhere to live,  cancel the container and the flights.   At least we have somewhere to live, but we were left with a suitcase each, all our worldly goods with the removal company costing us £50 per week storage and no income.  

All we are waiting for now is the okay for us to move to our new home and to be with our friends.   We understand and applaud the measures taken by the government, but Northern Cyprus has now been COVID-19 free for 4 weeks and we are quite happy to isolate ourselves for 14 days when we get to our new home.

Thanks for everything you do and I enjoy reading your online news.

Best wishes

Vera Riley-Shaw (Curtis) 

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