September 22, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Indeed the worst seems over now. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic seems to be losing its thrust. Everybody in TRNC along with the world feel the way the virus brought a change in their lives. Most of us remained mostly inside our residences. Most of us did not go anywhere except to the markets. Most of us did not use their cars or motorcycles. Most of us did not visit any relatives or friends, and of course, most of us did not receive any visitors in our houses.

Thus the daily lives of everyone passed through a period of bizarre shock. The intensity of the shock became severe only due to the fact that we had never thought that one day we would be passing through these days. The way we passed these days will indeed remain in our minds as a drastic experience. People like us will be telling our future generations how one small and invisible virus forcibly stopped the whole world, and made human beings confined to their houses.

But just give me a break here. Is the pandemic over? Has the coronavirus left the island? Are we free now? Can we now do all that we had been doing until 13th March 2020?

Unfortunately the answers to all the above questions are NO. The pandemic is not over now. Being an island with a small population we have succeeded in bringing the severity of the virus under control. But it does not mean that the risk is over. Unfortunately, the risk is still very much there. We all still have a chance to become a victim of the virus attack.

For how long can we keep our doors closed to visitors? For how many days or months would we not allow flights to come in and go? How long will we not allow tourists to come to TRNC? For how long can we keep under control the social mixing of the people? For how long can we keep the economical activities stopped or at the minimum level? For how long can we keep most of public offices closed? etc etc etc. There are too many questions that one can ask.

Unfortunately this cannot be continued for a long period of time.

There is a probability that the virus would once again become active during the autumn. But even before the arrival of autumn we would be passing through the summer. It had been said that coronavirus would lose its effectivity during summer, under high temperature. But it is just an opinion. Nobody and nowhere has had this experience.

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The summer of 2020 is going to be the first trial period to see how far the coronavirus would become ineffective during summer. Even if we pass through this trial period successfully, the forthcoming autumn and winter would once again bring us face to face with the coronavirus.

So what will happen, if the scientists cannot find any medicine or vaccine until the autumn or winter? This is a big question mark.

I personally believe that for sure people in the northern hemisphere will try to improve their immune system, because this is the only logical defence mechanism that we have. Unless we have a strong immune system, there is more chance that we would become victim of all threats including the coronavirus.

So this is the time to work hard to strengthen our immune system.

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