August 15, 2022

It’s heartwarming when readers take the time to write to us and give thanks for the effort our team put into producing the fast growing and hugely popular FREE CyprusScene online weekly e-newspaper and if there are other readers who like it or would like to contribute and help us, do please read the following.

Readers mail….
From Ufuk Mustafa Yilmaz….

Hi Chris,

I continue to enjoy your weekly CyprusScene output. It’s odd that after a rewarding life-time here in UK I now find myself missing Cyprus. I don’t think it’s because of your success in containing the virus or the difficulty of getting delivery slots here in UK. Maybe I miss my family there, but thank you and Margaret for triggering this longing.

In your latest issue 127, I have particularly enjoyed and agree with the sentiments expressed by A. Abdulaziz bey; to end all wars. This is my one wish to come out of this emergency. Could we, the peoples of the World, vote for politicians who will not go to war and will close down armament factories whatever the economic consequences? We did not wise up after the 1918 pandemic but can we not do so now? I follow the output of the Extinction Rebellion people but I don’t think they are going about it the right way.

However, before I get bogged down in dreams, I was also touched by Roger Bara’s article on how the virus has shown us to identify the important things in our lives. I was recently reminded of this by imagining dropping ever smaller pebbles into a jug (one’s life) which is not completely full (ie a fulfilled life) until sand is poured in. The sand here representing those important things.

And I have a request, if at all possible. You used to publish Sudoku problems. I am an addict. Could we have them back please?

Be safe and enjoy my island with my blessings.


Our reply was as follows:

Hello Ufuk

It’s nice to hear from you again and we are delighted to hear you are still enjoying our weekly CyprusScene e-newspaper which is currently offered to around 1.500 people as a download through our weekly newsletter. We are seeing more people subscribing daily now for our e-newspaper so perhaps it’s becoming the favourite read of many.

At times Margaret and I often wonder who is reading and enjoy our efforts and this applies to the contributions of  Ahmet and Roger and others plus of course Richard Beale who has been serving up cracking football reports for a long time now plus his sports competitions.

If you are agreeable, I would like to publish your email on our website and e-newspaper in the hope we can attract someone who will be willing to compile weekly Sudoku quizzes and perhaps other quizzes as well.

Margaret has a book of Sudoku quizzes but no longer has the time to create pictures of the quiz and answers for the e-newspaper due to the many other things she is doing.

Perhaps you can send us a picture of yourself so all our locals can be reminded of you when we publish.

Best wishes,


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