August 18, 2022

Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel received the delegation from North Cyprus Eco Agro Tourism Federation headed by President, Tarık Tarkan Bozalan.

Minister Üstel discussed the opening conditions of tourism investments with the Federation officials.

Üstel stated that during the meeting they focused on the opening of small and medium-sized hotels, together with the large hotels, and the criteria to be determined in relation to the opening.  Criteria studies for opening have been going on for a while with the officials of the Turkish Hoteliers Association and they will share the criteria with the public shortly.

The Minister said “We have come to the end of the work to turn the wheels of tourism gradually.  As a result of the devoted efforts by our Ministry of Health and our healthcare workers, the measures taken by our government and the sensitivity of our people to these measures, our sectors, which have been closed for a while, will gradually open up and the economy will start to recover.”

Stating that the tourism sector will be opened for domestic tourism initially, Minister Üstel said, “The opening will be carried out without leaving the measure intact. We have come to the final stage of our work with the sector representatives for a while to determine the measures to be taken.”

“Our goal is to offer our tourism facilities to the people of the TRNC in the framework of the determined rules and criteria,” said Minister Üstel.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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