December 8, 2023

We have been publishing many readers letters of ex-pats who want to return to the UK from Northern Cyprus, and also those who want to return to Northern Cyprus from around the world who have homes in the TRNC and are unable to return due to both flight and border restrictions because of COVID-19 prevention measure. We have also had letters telling us how people are dealing with Lockdown restrictions.

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing good news.

For those people who are wanting to return from the UK to the TRNC or go from the TRNC to the UK please go to Facebook page “TRNC Residents trying to get homeclick here and register your details as directed.


Readers Mail…
Susie and Martin – The Quiz Masters

Susie’s 9th online quiz on 14th May 2020.

We had another full online quiz night with 14 teams!! All of us in isolation taking part from Germany, Sweden, the TRNC and UK.

There were 20 questions on general knowledge and a music quiz on Title, Artist, and Link which was Celestial Bodies.

The results were:

  • 1st  Butch and Sundance                                        52 PTS
  • 2nd Fridge Raiders                                                 46 PTS
  • 3rd Don’t Mention The War                                     45 PTS
  • 4th JOINT Bell Bottoms, Flippers                            43 PTS
  • 5th Gin’ll Fix It                                                          42 PTS
  • 6th Anglo Swedes,                                                  41 PTS
  • 7th Dixies Chix                                                        40 PTS
  • 8th JOINT Lemon Lovers, Social Distancers
  • Locked Up                                                                                       37 PTS
  • 9th  Clappers Ahoy                                                 33 PTS
  • 10th On My Own                                                     31 PTS
  • LEMON LOSERS – The Outsiders                         30 PTS
  • SHUT YA GOBS, Charlie Bell 1, Griff 3, Smasher  1

Thank you all again for joining us and we will see you next week.

Luv All U Quizzers

Susie and Martin xxx

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