December 8, 2023

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Ünal Üstel, met with Salih Kayım – President of the Northern Cyprus Restaurant Association (Res-Bir) and Serhan Aktunç – Res-Bir board member.

During the meeting, a letter containing the demands of the Union was presented to Minister Üstel by Res-Bir President Kayım.

Making a brief statement regarding the acceptance of Res-Bir officials, Minister Üstel stated that he believed that this extraordinary process of the country, due to the global epidemic, would be overcome with all economic sectors.

Stating that the demands conveyed to him will be evaluated, Minister Üstel pointed out that all the stakeholders of the country’s tourism are very important for the country’s economy and underlined that they have started legal arrangements for the sectors to continue their activities in cooperation and harmony.

Noting that they held intense consultation meetings with all the political party officials to determine the sector-related expansions with all the sectors that make up the tourism sector, Minister Üstel said, “In order to turn this extraordinary process into an advantage, we continue our efforts to review the points that require legal regulations and make necessary arrangements.”

In his statement, Minister Üstel also emphasised the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation, saying, “Each of the tourism investments that provide the greatest added value to the country’s economy is important to us. Among these investments, our hotels have no doubt that they have an important value both in terms of brand value and added value of our country. “It is vital for our sectors to act discreetly, be patient and understanding, act in a way that contributes to unity and solidarity, and to regain our country’s economy in a short time,” he said.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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