September 30, 2023

Minister of Health Ali Pilli sent a message to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and expressed: “We are here too“.

Minister of Health Pilli said: “If there is a success, this is the success of the TRNC”. Pilli stated that this success was achieved by the decisions taken and implemented by the government and the Ministry of Health and also the healthcare professionals who worked devotedly and the compliance of the public to the decisions.

In his message to the World Health Organisation, Pilli said: “We are here as the TRNC. Even if the whole world does not recognise us, we exist as the TRNC, we exist with all our institutions and organisations. We exist with the best working staff. I want to convey this to the world from here. WHO can contact us directly. We want all the activities we conduct in the TRNC to be conveyed to the whole world.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

3 thoughts on “Pilli: “Whether you recognise us or not, we exist”

  1. Come on world acknowledge TRNC once and for all. A tiny country starting out and just wanting to be part of the universe.

    They have made remarkable achievements from the start of their journey and deserve recognition

  2. We shall continue to do the Right things, for our self and the rest of the community in the North Cyprus.
    We love being here among other’s who are in the same mindset. We are content with our life stills, regardless of the obstacles that the cowardly rest are involved with.
    We shall continue to Welcome similar minded, who wishes to be a part of our life, regardless of Reis Religion or Gender.
    The Nature is wonderful, so is our North Cyprus.
    Contentment is the only way for me and hopefully for you All.

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