October 4, 2023

By Roger Bara….

Despite the slight relaxing of the lockdown in the TRNC since May 4th, a stark warning has been issued by the Mayor of Iskele, Hasan Sadikoğlu. He is emphasising that all picnic and sports areas, including the many kilometres of walking and running tracks in the area, are still completely out-of-bounds to everyone.

“Don’t give up on what we have achieved so far”, he said. “The good days are near.”  With the weather warming up, there is a worry locally that many people will be tempted to get out of their residences and onto the public beaches and parks. The police are continuing to take action on those not following the social distance rules, and any existing rules that are not followed will result in legal action against the culprits.

Mr. Sadikoğlu said the country was being taken down a successful road in the fight against the Covid-19 virus in the T.R.N.C. “We are getting good news, but this good news should not let us down, it should never cause us to relax”, he added, stressing the importance of social distancing and the need to wear masks outdoors. He also repeated his call for people to stay at home unless there is an emergency.

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