October 4, 2023
Readers mail….
From Richard Chamberlain….
On May 8th 1945, I was 10 years old and was living in Didcot (then in Berkshire) with my family and I remember as if it were yesterday that day when it was announced the WAR had come to an end. Together with my twin brother Michael, we were given 6d, to go and buy a bottle of lemonade to celebrate! Emoji

75 years later, I now live in Northern Cyprus so I decided to hang out the flags at my house in Ozankoy to celebrate and commemorate the memory of all those years ago. It is a very emotional time, thinking about all the suffering of so many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and civilians who lost their lives and their loved ones.
The British people and the whole free world stood together in such desperate times.
Finally, The free world won the war, but at such a terrible price. The world is now in another nightmare situation, and once again we have all got to stick together, and hopefully we will come through it. Thanks to everyone who played their part in winning the war and God bless us all.
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