December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

I have now been following Tarik Tekman online Qigong videos for the past 5 weeks and I have to say I am noticing an increase in leg strength plus being able to relax and concentrate on feeling my body experience during the exercise program.

With the passing of 15 years plus more of training associated with Karate, Tai Chi, Qigong and Pranic Energy Healing, it’s been good to take a step back in time and start rediscovering those disciplines which gave a higher level of body fitness and mental balance and satisfaction so now I am looking forward to next week and Qigong Home Training video number 6.

There will be a 15 week Qigong Home Training program and Tarik also runs an online class on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

The first 4 videos of 15 weeks long Qigong Home Training are live now, Try week 1 click here. Teach yourself Qigong with this 20 minutes video. If you like it, join Tarik’s online live classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Every week, he will release a new video on Monday morning and continue with Tuesday & Thursday live online classes. There is also the Turkish version of these videos on the website. All the details you need are at:

15 weeks Qigong training with videos, practice cards and Zoom online classes:

Download and test Zoom for online classes.

Mondays 08:00: Video of the week is released. Practice with that video.
Tuesdays 10:00-10:40: Online Class
Thursdays 10:00-10:40 Online Class
All hours are Cyprus Time (UK +2 or CET +1 hour)
All other days practice with the same video and next Monday move on to the new video.
The class of the last week will be on Wednesday, 15th July – on the 100th day of the training.

Every Monday separate English & Turkish videos are published. Online classes are bi-lingual.
Online classes do not repeat the details already covered in the videos but include deepening the exercises, corrections & adjustments, answering the written questions, and additional practices.
Send questions to to be answered in the next class.
The training is donation based. Donate any amount with any frequency (just once, weekly, monthly etc). click here
If you would like to join the online class click here
Here is Week 5 – Qigong Home Training


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