December 6, 2023

Health Minister Dr Ali Pilli announced that the number of tests carried out in the last 24 hours at 4th May 2020 was 1419 and no positive case was found.

Minister Pilli noted that the COVID-19 test of 3 people sent yesterday for examination turned out to be negative, and 6 people will undergo PCR testing for further examination as a result of today’s tests.

Minister Pilli, stated that on 4th May COVID-19 tests were conducted for Ministry of Health employees, members of the press covering all private newspaper and television workers, Lefkosa Courts, Gülseren Military Barracks, Beyarmudu Municipality employees, Gazi Magusa Municipality employees, banks and businesses in Gazi Magusa, pharmacies, coffee shops and offices in Güzelyurt and Yenierenköy.  Testing was carried out in 139 businesses operating in 38 areas, including post offices, markets, pharmacies, hardware.

Minister Pilli once again reminded the importance of respecting the use of masks, social distance and hygiene rules for the many workplaces that were closed due to COVID-19 and have been reactivated and wished convenience to all sectors.

As long as we follow the rules, Pilli repeated that we would win this war together.

Minister Pilli’s statement on the general situation of COVID-19 on May 4, 2020 is as follows:

  • Number of Tests Performed Today: 1,419
  • Number of Positive Cases detected today – None
  • Number of Healed and Discharged Cases – None.
  • Number of Cases Lost Today – None.
  • Total Number of Tests Performed: 15,428
  • Total Number of Cases – 108
  • Number of Healed and Discharged Cases – 103
  • Number of Cases Under Treatment – 1
  • Total Number of Lost Patients – 4
  • Number of Patients Hospitalised in Intensive Care – None.

Source (Turkish) :  Ministry of Health

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