September 22, 2023

Renewal and updating of the training for the employees of Girne Municipality against risks and dangers continue at full speed.

Within the framework of the new Coronavirus outbreak program, also known as COVID-19, intensive work has been initiated by Girne Municipality in the past months. Information given by the Municipality; In the event that the dangers and risks change and differ in respect of work done according to the Occupational Health and Safety Law, efforts to renew and update the training of employees against these risks and dangers continue in full swing, in addition to the measures  taken against the new risks and dangers.

Training includes personal protective equipment our employees will use against COVID-19 virus existing in the world and in our country, and which protective clothing and in what order to wear and remove.  Under which conditions and which personal protective equipment is to be used related to waste management.  It was noted that training continued to be given according to the order in which protective clothing should be worn and taken off, under what conditions, and the relationship between personal protective equipment and waste management.


Together with up-to-date information for the team, especially on food package distribution, training on wearing masks, gloves and overalls continued.

Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü said “In order to prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that affects our country, the Girne Municipality continues to work intensely with the relevant teams to continue the essential services of daily life without interruption. In line with the decision taken by the Council of Ministers within this process, it is necessary not to go outside other than in essential situations ”.


Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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