June 30, 2022

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Damla Beton…SPOT….

As the Northern Cyprus, Society for Protection of Turtles (SPOT), we have been carrying out the Sea Turtle Protection Project for approximately 30 years in cooperation with the TRNC Environmental Protection Agency and Exeter University.

In each breeding season, we protect the sea turtle nests that breed in our country and are under threat with nearly a hundred people consisting of volunteers and collect data for research to improve conservation efforts.

To this end, we create teams from many volunteers around the world to work with us every year during the breeding season, in April – October. However, due to the pandemic this year, we will carry out these studies only with the people residing in Northern Cyprus.

Our volunteers, who are willing to protect the turtles, have the opportunity to work with both adult and juvenile turtles. We will carry out works to protect the nests in May – July, and to reach the sea safely in July – September.

Our works are carried out from three basic stations: Akdeniz, Alagadi and Dipkarpaz. While daytime activities are carried out to detect and protect the nests at all stations, some works are also carried out at night to register mother turtles. Volunteers can work at different stations on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to get to know the unique beaches of our island and take part in different missions. They also take responsibility for each other while developing their teamwork skills. In particular, they become conscious about the environment. Our volunteers, who were in our team in the past, express with pleasure that these experiences have also contributed a lot to them in their business life.

Come and support us in our work and contribute to their protection by helping sea turtles, which have become the symbol of our country.

We are looking for volunteers who will work with us for a long period of time in May – September 2020, who are ready to work, and applicants must be at least 16 years old.

If you want to contribute to our project and protect the turtles by working with us, you can access more detailed information and our application form on our website click here.

The deadline for application has been extended by a further week to 08.05.2020.

Source (Turkish) : Society for Protection of Turtles (SPOT)

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