June 29, 2022

The British Residents’ Society published very important news on 2nd May 2020 with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus Regulations which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

Editors Note:

This BRS newsletter with the introduction by Chairman, Peter Wilkins contains a great deal of information so we are presenting this as a flipbook presentation below or as a PDF download.

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May 2020.


As we prepare this months Newsletter it is heartening to know that for the past 14 days there have been no new Covid-19 cases reported.  This is leading to an increased amount of speculation regarding the ‘re-opening’ of the TRNC.

Can we take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the stance of the TRNC Government in reducing Covid-19 here.

Hopefully once both Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus can bring their infection rates under control it will mean that those people who have been prevented returning to their ‘homes’ here in the TRNC, will once again be able to do so.

On Wednesday (29th April) we were informed that during the Parliamentary session decisions had been made as to the proposed manner that this would happen.

The decisions as we know them so far are as follows: –

  • The requirement to wear protective masks will continue.
  • The Night-time full curfew (between 21:00 and 06:00) will continue till 15 May.
  • Travel restrictions between districts of TRNC will be lifted starting from 4th May, 06:00.
  • The partial curfew ends on May 4th, except for Sundays beginning on May 10th. Full curfew continues regardless, until May 15th.
  • Hence, starting from 10th May (Sunday), on Sundays, people will ONLY be allowed to go out to the supermarkets, butchers, pharmacies, and gas stations, and to take care of their urgent health needs. Everything other than these will be not allowed

The following sectors and businesses will be CLOSED, and the following actions will be BANNED till 15 May:

  1. Tourism sector, hotels and hostels, casinos, and similar;
  2. Entertainment venues, cinemas, bars, cafes, and similar;
  3. Picnic spaces, parks;
  4. Gyms, places for sports activities (such as dancing schools), stadiums, and similar;
  5. Wedding saloons;
  6. Restaurants, patisseries, café, and buffets (i.e. sandwich buffets);
  7. All kinds of public transport;
  8. Night clubs, bet offices, internet cafés, massage saloons;
  9. Barbershops, hairdressers, beauty salons, and similar;
  10. Municipality bazaars and open bazaars;
  11. Children play grounds, children gardens, and similar;
  12. Theatre, cinema, concert, exhibition, libraries and other culture & arts activities involving crowds;
  13. All educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, after school centers, and similar;
  14. All sports events.

See more information below or download the file above.

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