August 15, 2022

Minister Pilli, met with Chief Physician Adil Özyılkan and healthcare professionals, and received information about the current state of the hospital.

Stating that all necessary precautions were taken to provide services other than COVID-19, Minister Pilli noted that the necessary infrastructure was provided in Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital to provide the best service to our people, and that the pandemic department was completely isolated and there was no situation that would put our people’s health at risk.

Emphasising that they, as the Ministry of Health, have adopted the principle of providing health services with better opportunities together with the developing technology to our people, Minister Pilli stated that it is very important for our people to continue to trust the Ministry of Health, and that they are working day and night to make the most of this difficult period. 

Underlining that we are on a good course as a result of the support of many institutions, such as the measures taken by the government and the Ministry of Health due to COVID-19, the sensitivity of our people, the dedication of healthcare workers, local administrations, police, and civil defense, Pilli stressed that we should continue our lives, even though this situation is causing some discomfort. 

Stating that this situation has not only health, but many social and economic aspects, Minister Pilli stated that there will be some gradual developments in the coming days, so we should be a little bit more patient in order not to lose the positive situation we have reached and not to sacrifice the measures we have been applying for weeks.  

Minister Pilli once again reminded us that we should not forget to pay attention to social distancing, mask usage, hygiene and isolation rules and underlined that we need to fulfill our duties in order to maintain the point we have reached during this period.

Source (Turkish):  Ministry of Health

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