Qigong Home Training with Tarik Tekman week 2

Introduction Chris Elliott ….

Over the years I have trained in Karate and as the years rolled on switched to Tai Chi and then Qigong which suited my lifestyle. In September of last year, I had a major spinal fusion operation here in the TRNC and with a long recovery period was planning to start swimming early in the new year and start Qigong exercises at home but along came Coronavirus and then there was no opportunity for swimming in an indoor pool and there seemed to be no way I could help my self recovery.

Having had some great times in the past training with Tarik Tekman the opportunity of following his 15 week course of video exercises proved very tempting and Margaret Sheard and I started by watching his first video of Qigong exercises on Monday 6th April which we joined in with and repeated the experience for 7 days.

On Monday 13th April the 2nd video became available and again we joined in every day with creaking joints and sore muscles and in my case, I started using exercises and meditation.  I studied many years ago at Pranic Healing classes and I am starting to believe I can recover some of that lost fitness and self-belief in my body. 

So onwards and upwards they say and I am back in the swing of things despite the need for a replacement knee which seems to be holding up to the shock of exercises and I am looking forward to next Monday when we have another challenging video No 3. leading us on the road back to greater fitness and peace of mind.  

Following is Tarik’s program :

The first video of 15 weeks long Qigong Home Training is live now, click here. Teach yourself Qigong with this 20 minutes video. If you like it, join my online live classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Every week, I will release a new video on Monday morning and continue with Tuesday & Thursday live online classes. There is also the Turkish version of these videos on my website. All the details you need are at:

Qigong Home Training

Qigong training for 15 weeks with videos, practice cards and Zoom online classes. First video on Monday, 6th April and first online class on Tuesday, 7th April.

Weekly Schedule:
Mondays 08:00: Video of the week is released. Practice with that video.
Tuesdays 10:00-10:40: Online Class
Thursdays 10:00-10:40 Online Class
All other days practice with the video of that week and next Monday move on to the new video.
All hours are Cyprus Time (UK +2 or CET +1 hours)!
Download and test Zoom for online classes.

  • Every Monday separate English & Turkish videos will be published. Online classes will be bi-lingual.
  • The information in the online classes will not be as detailed as in the videos and instead will include repetition, correction and adjustment of the exercises from the videos, answering the written questions sent before the class, and sometimes additional practices.
  • Send your questions that you want me to answer during the next class to .
  • The only class of the last week will be on Wednesday, 15th July – on the 100th day of the training.
  • The training is donation based. You can donate any amount and any times that is convenient for you: weekly, just once, twice etc. For donation link click here