August 18, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

However we try to think to divert our attention, the fact is that currently we find it really difficult to think of anything else but the COVID-19 (popularly known as Coronavirus).  The same is the case with myself too, and I am sure most of the other writers are also facing the same situation. It is difficult to write about anything unrelated to the Coronavirus.

For more than three weeks, most of us have been locked in our houses in the TRNC, as part of our fight against this gruelling pandemic. It is a period when we all are testing our nerves against the virus. It is a very tough fight, between the humans on one side and the Coronavirus on the other.

I visualise the present situation, as a scene from some horror film where some people get themselves locked in a room to be saved from a killer. The present situation is almost the same. We are all locked inside our houses, and the killer is at loose outside. The killer cannot enter the room by itself, unless somebody brings him in. That’s the only way. The virus is trying to find some way to enter our houses, whereas we all are trying our best not to provide him any such chance.

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This is what’s going on almost everywhere in the world. We are all taking steps to force the virus to leave us and go away.

With all this going on, I believe that a large number of people must have realised how the animals and birds in cages feel. Yes they all feel the same as we all feel right now. They also want to go out of their cages. They also want to enjoy liberty. They want to roam around freely without any fear.

Isn’t it the same that we all want now. We want to go out of our houses. We want to enjoy liberty. We also want to roam around freely without any fear. We consider all these as our basic rights.

On one side we consider these as our basic rights, but at the same time we deprive animals and birds of the same. How silly is it, rather inhumane.

I believe that the animals in zoos and the birds in cages in our houses must consider us as Coronavirus, which has forced them to remain inside the cage.  They also want the humans to let them get out. They want humans not to interfere in their lives too.

I think it is the time when we must all think of siding with nature. We must all try to respect nature and the natural laws. Otherwise nature takes its revenge, which may be in any form. Right now nature is taking revenge in the form of the virus, killing hundreds and thousands people almost daily. Nobody knows how long it will continue like that.

It is the time to realise the importance of nature and natural laws in our lives.

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