August 9, 2022

Readers Mail ….
By Val Stuart-Traynor ….

It’s Monday everyone and a good time get back on plan. I know it’s never easy and locked in and fed up as we are doesn’t make it any easier. But we will never have a better opportunity or more time available to us to make our plan work and achieve our goal. Go and look at your before photo ….. do you want to look like that again??

Don’t undo all the good work you have already done. Make the most of this unexpected opportunity and make it a positive situation instead of a bad one. Have a good week x

Group meeting – December 2019                                                Val, Susan, Kate – April 2019

I’m in touch with all our members on a daily basis. I do a recipe of the day and an exercise of the day. Those that wish to post their fitbit readings every evening. They are all in touch with each other and give motivation and support to the whole group. They are a fantastic group. Those that have scales weigh in online each week. We are doing our best in these difficult times. Take care and keep safe x

Those that have scales weigh in online each Saturday at the same time as we would usually meet.  Below is the result of the last weigh in.

We have had 10 members weigh in today which is great, and some fantastic results. Well done.

Barbara has weighed in 6 pounds lighter than she was on 7th March. Well done.

Linda has lost 2 pounds this week and achieved her half stone award. Fantastic.

Keith has had a 5 pound loss this week. He has achieved his 10% badge and Slimmer of the Week. Wonderful.

Allan has lost that 2 pound he was aiming for so that is his 1.5 stone achievement. Also his 10% badge and Slimmer of the Month. Congratulations.

Susan has lost another pound this week. Which makes a loss for 4 weeks in a row. Fantastic.

I’ve had a 7 pound loss this week that gets me back to my 4 stone award. I’m chuffed.

Fantastic week this week everyone. Have another good week. Take care and keep safe x



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