August 18, 2022

Intense spraying activities started by Girne Municipality with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak program continues.

In the information given by Girne Municipality, due to the partial curfew application, disinfectant applications are continuing uninterruptedly in daily life where there are vital points of service provided. Especially, disinfection studies carried out at the Girne Tourism Port to our country continue intensely. District Governorship, Police General Directorate, State Public Service Buildings and Girne Municipality main service building and branch office points are also disinfected within the routine disinfection program.

Girne District Health Branch Supervisor Naile Soyel:  In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which is declared as a pandemic all over the world, our disinfection processes continue at public density points throughout the city.  Since it is an instant application, it is suggested by our Ministry of Health that our citizens who go out on the streets for essential reasons should take personal protective measures such as masks and gloves. In addition to public institutions, institutions that provide communication services, all open businesses such as banks, markets, butchers must implement hygiene measures at the entrance (supply of hand disinfectant, gloves, etc.) and provide distancing not exceeding 1 meter, which is the physical distance limit for the citizens.  In this critical process, it is vital for protecting public health.

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü emphasised that the cooperation of our people and the institutions that have to continue their services are essential for the successful completion of this sensitive process.

 Güngördü  “As Girne Municipality, intensive work is continuing with the relevant teams in order to provide the essential services of daily life without interruption. In line with the decision taken by the Council of Ministers in this process, it is necessary to not go outside of the streets in accordance with the restrictions between the districts, and the decrease in the number of people walking will undoubtedly reduce the risk of transmission.”

The Mayor also said  “Girne Municipality uses all its facilities to protect public health. Total protection of the city is the basis of the right struggle. In addition to institutional areas, responsibilities fall on the residents to close their homes and also the residents of apartments who share common areas. Let’s close our homes, let’s not go out to the streets unless necessary. To protect our environmental cleanliness, during this critical epidemic, will mean maintaining control. Domestic garbage should be placed in closed containers, and especially used masks and gloves should be discarded responsibly and not left in open areas. It will be possible to control the outbreak if we all play our part, both at institutional points and individually.”

Disinfection application is not protective for a long time because it is an instant application. It is much more important to know that the flow of people will not remain sterile and that care about personal hygiene of individuals is essential, the social distance between individuals should be limited to at least 1 meter, and contact with the face, nose and eyes without washing hands should be avoided. In order to ensure hygiene of the hands, care should be taken by applying hand disinfectants, or by washing with soap and water if this is not possible, for at least 20 seconds.

While hygiene measures are taken in public spaces by Girne Municipality, Enterprises should also take their own precautions in corporate areas that continue to serve throughout the city:

In corporate places, the cleaning and hygiene of general surfaces, including floors, door handles, chair edges, countertops etc, with which people have contact, should be carefully performed.

Chemicals with chlorine base (such as bleach, domestos etc.) or antiseptic properties (such as dettol, sanitol etc.) should be used to ensure the hygiene of the surfaces. Closed environments should be regularly ventilated.

Alcohol-based disinfectants with a minimum content of 70% or antiseptic solutions should be used for hand hygiene.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality





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