August 9, 2022

Living in Northern Cyprus one can only feel grateful that the TRNC Government has clamped down hard and quickly with a raft of progressive restriction intended to control the threat of Coronavirus but are they doing the same in the UK?

Readers mail.
From Malcolm Mitcheson


It’s got really serious, so please, allow me a rant.

“Hope springs eternal” is all we have to hold onto as our British Government’s incompetence becomes more apparent each day as we now move into the 4th month of this World Coronavirus catastrophe.

I’m afraid British people are now paying for the fact that competent people are no longer attracted to Government. As a result, we are governed by a “political class“ that have rarely achieved anything practical. In the main, they have come from University into government with little if anything practical in the middle. As a result, they have no idea how to get results and how practical things are actually done.

Every successful doer knows that unless you look for threats, define the problem, seek out expert experience, then put together the right equipment, skilled people, raw material and detailed directions and synchronise them together, nothing practical happens.

Our Government has, Failed to react to clear threats, Failed to react early enough to the actual Coronavirus threat, Failed to seek competent advice, Failed in its first ill conceived Herd Immunity plan and is failing in its present plan by sheer executive incompetence.

Yet the Government still hasn’t got the message. We have to be on a war footing. The Prime Minister needs to get a grip on the issue by appointing top Military and Business Leaders to take charge and see off the threat.

There is a need for a clear cut three part strategy. Stop the virus spreading, fast track a vaccine and have a phased plan for getting the Country back to normal as quickly as possible, whatever the short term financial cost.

Keep safe,


1 thought on “Hope springs eternal – Let’s fix this NOW

  1. In response to Malcolm – from where we are sitting, that’s exactly what our government are doing! Yes, there are problems and we have family at the front line and have just had the first family virus death. But for goodness sake understand the enormity of what is happening, and the fallibility of human beings. Nobody is going to deliberately undermine efforts to cope. We are all afraid, but please be a little more kind and understanding, and a little less judgemental.

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