August 19, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Have you ever thought about how important the barbers are in our lives? The barbers entered into our lives when we were children.

We all usually got our first haircut when were not even able to understand what was being done over our heads. This relationship continues for the whole of our lives, until we die. We become so accustomed to our connection with the barber, that we simply take his existence  for granted.

With so much free time at my disposal nowadays, locked inside the house due to curfew, I started realising the value of barbers in our lives.

Presently we have barbers, hairdressers and hair stylists, but when I was a child there were only barbers.  For me the name or title is not important, they all are hair cutters to me. I tried to locate the difference between them on the internet, and I found a lot of differences between them. But for me the barber is the one who cuts my hair.

I remember when I was a child, the barber used to make me sit on a plank put over the arms of the chair, so that he could get my head at the desired level. With the passage of time, I found myself sitting on the chair, after I gained some reasonable height. In those days, I used to be very happy to sit on the barber’s chair like other grown up men around me.

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There has always been a close understanding between the customer and the barber. This is the reason why people usually do not change their barber easily. I know people who visit their barber for haircutting, from another part of the city,

just because they feel at ease with one particular barber. Whereas I believe that technically all barbers are the same. They all know their work well. They all talk while cutting hair. Perhaps this is how a close understanding between a barber and the customer develops.

Interestingly, this close relationship frequently surfaces when there is more than one barber working in a shop. In such circumstances a person will agree to wait for one particular busy barber, refusing to get the haircut by another one.

I believe that there must be some people who never care about the way their hair has been cut. But they too always have their hair cut in the same fashion, just because their barber has made them addicted to one particular hair style. So as we all know a barber is the person who never forget his customers.

However it is not just  for a haircut people visit the barber shop. Some of them get their hair coloured. This is also a very delicate issue, because even a slight mistake may change the overall appearance of a person. A slight change in the hair colour, usually makes friends ask the reason why the hair colour has been changed.

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However, as the curfew days are prolonging, most of us are returning back to our natural hair style. With not currently having the facility of getting a haircut at a barber shop, I wonder how much we will have changed in our appearance, when we visit the barber shop when the curfew is lifted and barber shops open again.

During this period, I wonder how many of us will go out with white hair and white beards. I wonder how much my hair will grow. I know that my hair grows with very slow speed, but still I am somewhat anxious to see how much it will grow. I am sure there are many people like me who think the same way.

However, if we do not want to go out with a totally different hair style and colour, we must continue staying home, for an ultimate success against the Coronavirus pandemic.

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