August 15, 2022

“J.J.CALE”  Musician with a difference…..

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Like all other fields, in the world of music too there are some exceptionally good musicians who due to various reasons, do not rise to the fame that they deserve.  J.J.Cale, the American born, singer, guitarist and songwriter is one such musician, who though mostly remained in the background of the music scene, but has succeeded in leaving his mark.

Eric Clapton described J.J.Cale as one of the most important artists in the history of rock. He was considered as one of the pioneers of Tulsa sound.

Along with Clapton, Cale received a Grammy Award in the year 2008.

Born on 5th December 1938, in Oklahoma City, United States, he became interested in music at a young age. Apart from starting playing guitar, he also learned the principles of sound engineering. This technical knowledge later played an important role in his music life.

John Cale kept on playing guitar, writing songs and making music  with different studios and musicians during the 1960s in Los Angeles. However later on he returned to Tulsa in late 1967, where he joined a band with Tulsa musician Don White.

His first album “Naturally” issued in December 1971, brought him to fame. With his unique style, and sound, he made a special place for himself on the music scene. Richard Cromelim of Los Angeles Times described him as a “ unique hybrid of blues, folk and jazz, marked by relaxed grooves, fluid guitar and iconic vocals”.

Highly impressed by the style of Blues, he carried on  their style with his own way of singing and sound combinations. J.J.Cale, died in 2013,  apart from leading his solo musical life, he remained a close friend of Eric Clapton. They both appeared jointly frequently on stage.

J.J.Cale carried on the image of a simple person on stage. He was always very friendly .After reaching the peak of his career, during the 1970s he moved to California in 1980, becoming a recluse, away from everything, living in a trailer, without a phone. There he concentrated more on music and later on released new good songs.

He died of heart attack in the year 2013.

Some of his important singles are

“ In our time” in 1966

“Crazy Mama” in 1971

“After Midnight” in 1972

“Lies/Riding Home” in 1972

“Hey Baby / Cocaine” in 1976

Some of his studio albums are:

“Naturally” released  in 1972

“Really” released in 1973

“Shades” released in 1981

“Grasshopper” released in 1982

“Close to you” released in 1994

“Guitar Man” released in 1996

“To Tulsa and Back” released in 2004

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