August 19, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

With the Coronavirus taking control of everything, almost everywhere, it seems that our lives are passing through a phase which we had never experienced before. Wars are what usually change things, but perhaps it is the first time that this virus is going to change so much in this world.

What we all now know is that not everything is as proper and correct as we consider them until now.

As we all are going through a tough period, mostly locked inside our homes, we all have sufficient time to think about so many topics, which we usually do not consider important.

One of these topics is our health. This is what we all are now thinking about very seriously. Honestly speaking, people of my age and above are very seriously thinking about their health and their future, as we understand that the 60 plus age is now the most risky group, which is prone to succumb to the virus.

I personally feel that we all must now be thinking as to what was wrong in our prevailing medical systems that leave the senior systems so uncovered and undefended against the present threat. Those who matter must think to re-assess their theories and practices about the way the health of human beings has been dealt with the world over.

What is the reason that the 60 plus are too weak? I do not accept that the age factor only can make people so much weaker as we find now.

As I have written frequently, it is the medical system of present times that makes people weak and insecure.  Nature has provided us with a wonderful immune system. All that we need to do is to keep it working. We have to keep it active and in good form, so that it can defend us against all invasions attacking from outside.

I believe that the present medical system has made people more dependent on medicines, which in turn reduces the strength of our immune system. Unfortunately, these medicines apparently appear to be cleaning some sickness or weakness from our bodies, but we never realise how much our immune system has suffered due to the constant use of these medicines.

Most of the older age people presently are addicted to a number of medicines, they believe that they will die without their constant use.  But they are dying now too, after these medicines. The main reason is that it is those older age people whose immune system is weak are succumbing to the Coronavirus.

All that we needed was a natural way of keeping our immune system strong. Unfortunately, most of us do not do that. We prefer to use medicines instead of using daily natural ways to keep our immune system going.

However, I believe that the present days are going to make us believe the mistakes they made. Staying inside houses is not something easy, but this is what we are bound to do because we are not left with any other option.

So this is the time for everyone to think about how he/she is going to work to improve their immune systems. Staying inside the house is also going to bring too many medical complications among people. Most of us will be gaining weight, which in turn will lead to many more medical problems.

However, we can also use this confinement period to start physical exercises, walking inside our houses, rooms, balconies etc. This is what we must start now before it is too late.

There are people, who are trying to make the best use of this time. A person in China has covered a distance of over 42 kilometres, running inside his home. Another fellow in France also finished a marathon running on his balcony. These are just two examples, but I am sure there are many more people world over who are running and walking inside their houses just because they want to strengthen their immune systems.

Let the whole world start thinking about it, and once out of this period of quarantine, the governments could make health policies that would motivate people to walk and run.

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